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Oliver Dunne & Siobhán Mc Cooey are collage-artists and writers. They come from Dublin, Ireland. They have been creating collage since the early 1990s. All their work is handmade, with scissors and glue, using old magazines and promotional material. They do not use Photoshop. Their photomontage mixes and layers different eras in order to cram a far deeper element of time into a small space than a photo could do. But their images are characterised above all by their humour and wit. Simply put, there is an abundance of very funny jokes! Their series The Pocket Royals ran in Punch, the famous British comic magazine, in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee year 2002. The series The Pocket Pope appeared in Hot Press, Ireland’s premier rock music magazine, in 1994/95. A second series, The Pocket Popes, was serialised in Hot Press from March 2000 to March 2001. An image from The Pocket Pope was used as the cover of Rita Ann Higgins’ book An Awful Racket (Bloodaxe Books, 2001). Their collages have also appeared in The Oldie, The Sunday Independent and Village Magazine. Their series in Punch and Hot Press ran as cut-out-and-keep collectable features. Notable editors they have worked with include Mohamed Al-Fayed (Punch) and Richard Ingrams (The Oldie). They have made portraits of over 100 subjects, both iconoclastic and photo-real: of people who many regard as fascinating. They see their work as continuing in the tradition of John Heartfield and the artists of the Weimar Republic. The employment of photos in collage for the purpose of satire comes under the international terms of ‘fair use’.

‘Absolutely first rate from my perspective. Keep doing what you’re doing, the world is in need of people like us.’

– Terry Gilliam (Monty Python)

(see original letter)

The Books

The Pocket Satire series will make exceptional, fresh funny-boxes in newspapers and magazines. They are also suitable to be exhibited or sold as books.

The Power and the Glory

This collection of close to 300 lampoons includes Royalty, Prime ministers, Presidents, World leaders, Dictators, Popes. — The villains and the saints of the 20th and 21st century.

This could run as a daily in a newspaper and would make a great coffee-table book.

My Corgis and I

This book or series covers the golden years of the British Royal family, before and after the Diana years. Over 50 satires suitable as a weekly series or a nostalgia, fun book.

Adolf Hitler in the Psychiatrist’s Chair

Over 50 images sending up Hitler and the Second World War.

The Pocket Popes

A century of Popes, over 50 heretical satires. 

The Series

We also have series of

Pocket Dictators
Pocket Prime Ministers of Britain
Pocket American Presidents

And mini-series:

Pocket Thatcher
Pocket Mao
Pocket Churchill
Pocket Bush

All of these would look great in a weekly newspaper, magazine, as a book, or in an exhibition. They would all also be very suitable as postcard books and would make wonderful merchandising.

THIS IS A SMALL EMPIRE OF DEBUNK with elements of celebration! 

‘I love what I’ve seen. There’s no point in telling you how brilliant you are. Making a statement with cohesive and beautifully executed visuals is a rare talent. My grandfather believed in “art as a weapon” against hypocrisy, war, and power for power’s sake. You’ve honored his vision.’

– Professor John J. Heartfield

‘They’re great. Really nice pictures and very funny.’ 

– Graham Rawle, ‘Lost Consonants’, The Guardian


 ‘Very good and very clever.’

– Roger Alton, Chief Editor of The Observer


‘Wildly funny.’

– Lynn Staley, Art Director of Newsweek

Idi Amin
Yuri Andropov
Prince Andrew
Kofi Annan
Princess Anne
Yasser Arafat
Baby Doc
Pope Benedict XVI
Silvio Berlusconi
Bin Laden
Tony Blair
Willy Brandt
Gordon Brown
George Bush Snr & Jnr
David Cameron
Jimmy Carter
Fidel Castro
Nicolae Ceaucescu
Prince Charles
Winston Churchill
Bill & Hillary Clinton
Charles De Gaulle
Princess Diana
Anthony Eden
Edward VIII & Alexandra
Edward & Mrs Simpson
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Gerald Ford
Pope Francis
Indira Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi
Prince George
Mikhail Gorbachev
Ulysses S. Grant
Haile Selassie
Charles Haughey
Edward Heath
Emperor Hirohito
Adolf Hitler
Ho Chi Minh
President Hoover
Saddam Hussein
Lyndon B Johnson
Pope John XXIII
Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul II
Emperor Franz Joseph
Nikita Khruschev
Martin Luther King
Helmut Kohl
Abraham Lincoln
Lloyd George
Harold Macmillan
John Major
Nelson Mandela
Princess Margaret
Karl Marx
Queen Mary
Angela Merkel
Kate Middleton
Slobodan Milosevic
Robert Mugabe
Benito Mussolini
Tsar Nicholas II
Richard Nixon
Barack Obama
Pope Paul VI
Prince Philip
Pope Pius X
Pope Pius XII
Pol Pot
Vladimir Putin
Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen Mother
Ronald Reagan
Teddy Roosevelt
Nicolas Sarkozy
Helmut Schmidt
Shah of Iran
William Taft
Margaret Thatcher
Harry S. Truman
Donald Trump
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Prince William
Harold Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
Boris Yeltsin
& More

Photomontage & Satire

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